Guide on how to use the VOIP Phone.


1.) How to call a local number:

Answer: If you are inside the campus network, you can directly call the local extension number. You may refer to the online directory here:

2.) How to call outside or call a telephone number outside the campus network?:

Answer: To call outside, dial 9 + (the telephone number you want to call) For example if you want to call 563-7114 you will dial 95637114

3.) How to call a Globe cellphone number:

Answer: To call a Globe cellphone/mobile number dial 1 + 10 digit number. For example, if you want to call 09176590003 just dial 19176590003.

4.) Can I call a non-Globe mobile number and Non-Globelines telephone?

Answer: As of the moment, our NDD to other networks and other Mobile phones is not yet activated.

5.) How can our clients from the outside reach us?

Answer: We are now processing the bidding for our trunkline, for the meantime, you can give this telephone number: (053) 525-0140 and also give your local extension number to the caller.

How to use the VOIP phone

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